Payment Options

We at AJ STUDIO offer you multiple super secure payment methods that suites most of your requirement and considering the maximum security processing, and the available payment methods now are :

1-  PayPal-logo


2- TrustPay brings Apple Pay to merchants offering an Easy, secure & private  way to pay - TrustPay   

Apple Pay : you can access this option after choosing to Buy a Product then filling your information and pressing continue to payment and chose MYFATOORAH secured payment gate.


3- visa-and-mastercard-logos-logo-visa-png-logo-visa-mastercard-png-visa-logo-white-png-awesome-logos  – بوخمسين للأجهزة الكهربائية المنزلية 

Credit and Debit Cards Only for visa and master cards that supports 3D security (OTP one time password supported cards): this option is available after choosing to Buy A Product then filling your information and pressing continue to payment and chose MYFATOORAH secured payment gate.